by The Scarlet Plague

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We would like to thank anyone and everyone that has supported us in any way over the past two years. You guys are what keeps us going. This one is for you. We hope you enjoy our hard work.

The Scarlet Plague is:
Chris Farrar - vocals
Zaheer Naziri - guitar
Josh Alber - bass, vocals
Woody Long - guitar
Will Jones - drums


released December 12, 2014

Engineered & produced by Zach Jones of Royal House Studio
Album artwork by Josh Alber

The Scarlet Plague (c)2014



all rights reserved


The Scarlet Plague Springfield, Virginia

The Scarlet Plague is a metal band from Northern Virginia.

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Track Name: Condemned
This is the cage I'm trapped in
Scratching for light to find the tunnel
Nothing can satiate this hunger
Condemned to a prison I'm forced to rot in
With no crime committed
I am rotting

But for everything I want will I sacrifice the whole
To find the purpose?
To find the entrance?
It is a curse
It is an omen
It is a prison
It is condemnation

I won't be condemned

I will sacrifice it all
I will watch these walls burn
Nothing can stop me
I'll have everything

Feel nothing
Fear nothing
See it
Know it
Feel it
Fear this
You are all condemned
Track Name: Protector
She is all I have left in this cruel world
Let's see how you fair up against me if you try to hurt her

I will put you six feet in the ground
Just to keep her safe and sound
This is my purpose I am the protector

Lets see how far can you walk with broken legs because if you try a fucking thing you'll wake up the animal
Inside me
Try, I will end you now
This is primal motherfucker

I am docile by nature
But I become
Very aggressive
When you threaten me
Or the ones that I love

I will not relent

There is no god in existence
That can protect you from me

You should've kept your hands to yourself
Track Name: Burdened
I am the one who lays awake at night
I can't shut off my damn mind
These nights I lay awake and restless
This is the hell that I live in
I am nothing
I am worthless
I am not worth your time
A broken man I stand before you
I stand alone

How many times will I try to make it?
How many times will I have to fake it?
This is my burden

I am a burden, not worth your time
I am broken, don't try to fix me
No one gives a shit about people like me
I am alone in a world that hates me
I don't belong here anymore
Take me back to the time before everything went wrong
Oh god, it went so wrong

There's an easy way and a hard way to get out of this
And I honestly don't know which to choose anymore
Everyday it's just so hard to get out of bed
I used to preach for everyone to fight
I used to tell everyone you can make it through no matter what
How can I say that when I don't even know myself anymore
I thought I was so much stronger than this
I am so, so sorry
But I guess, I guess this is goodbye

Somebody stop me please
Before I do something I won't be here to regret
Now, my life lay broken around me
I didn't know what else to do
Mother I'm so sorry
But I will see you soon
I will see you soon
Track Name: Messenger
Shut up
I've had enough of being told that I'm not good enough
So I will stand up for everything that I believe in

I believe in love and tolerance and this crazy idea that you should not feel so alone

Come take my hand and walk with me
I'm not a savior nor do I claim to be
I am just a messenger

I am the messenger of hope
(I am the messenger of light)
I have come to beg you please
Do not take your life tonight
We can get through this fight together
Just give me one chance to change your mind forever

Come on let go of it
Let go of all the pain
You can forgive the past
Just lay their sins to rest
But don't forget their names
Don't forget their faces
For everything they did
They'll hang their heads in shame

Live your life
Don't let them
Bring you down
I will never give up on you
So darling please

Don't give up on yourself

Don't ever give in to the thoughts that hold you back
(Break the chains that bind you)
Silence the sound the deafens you
Spit the bitter taste out your mouth
Track Name: Reclaimer
The time has come to take what's mine
Lives of the masses force to do their bidding
These people are nothing more than sheep
Thinking they're free in a 9-5 day by day

This is not a dream
This is your life
(It's time to take it back)
This is not a dream
This is your life
(This is not a dream)

I will not let them take what's mine
I will not let them win this time
I will not let them take what's mine
I will not let them take my life

It's time
Reclaim my life
It's time

My life has been decided for me
And I cannot take much more
The blood on our hands is not of our own
The world needs a new beginning
It needs to think for itself


Controlled by corrupt organizations
Filled with greed
Open your mind and break free
You are the key to your own success

Step out of your cage and live your life
You're the only one who can live it to its fullest

My life has been decided for me
And I cannot take much more
The blood on our hands is not of our own
The world needs a new beginning
It needs to think for itself
Track Name: Thankful
Bring her back so I can see clearly for the first time in a year
I’ve been so lost since you went away but I'm trying my best
To be the man you wanted me to be

All I wanted was to have my family
All I wanted was to be a normal kid
Every day that I get up
Is a battle that I win

I would have spent every day of my life
Trying to repay the love you gave
It was much more than I deserved
It was so much more

Everything you did was out of love
Everything you did was what was best

You fought so hard just to live
But your body just had to give
In the end you won the fight 'cause you never gave up hope to stay alive
Thank you for the time and love you spent
Thank you for everything you did

I still need you here with me
I still need you by my side

Now I hope when you look down on me you can smile at what you see
Now I hope that I can be the man that you wanted of me

You fought so hard
Now you get to rest
Sleep tight, Mom
Love you